Friday, November 30, 2007

E-music pricing

Following from the second post, I don't get the pricing of virtual music. First, my feeling is the album price is too high - in general I baulk at $17 (aus) for something that I could probably buy for not much more in a shop. I will admit to not paying a great deal for the Radiohead album because I wanted to try it - haven't really heard much of their stuff.

Then there is the variation - the bargains. Some of it may be because of poor algorithms - at big pond you can do well if you are a Mike Oldfield fan because the first few albums are priced on the track number - so a few dollars for Tubular Bells. Similarly with Eno's Music for Aiports. But it is not consistent.

But it's 'boxed' sets that confuse me. Further to the ones in that post, I have recently purchased a full Wagner's Ring Cycle (14 disks) all Mahler's symphonies (10 disks) and Beethoven's (10 hours worth). These are not by dud people - the Mahler is on Amazon for $150 (US). But there are other similar sets at $80-100. Why? Not that I mind - I had wanted to hear some of The Ring and can now sample at leisure. It just seems odd.

Normal reviewing will be returning soon

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