Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Catch them while you can

Knowing I was getting some iTunes vouchers for christmas I did some bargain hunting. And found a set of mozart symphonies (the lot) for $16.99. checked on amazon and it was a well reviewed set. fired up itunes this afternoon to buy it and it had gone up to $160.99. The Bruckner symphonies had also gone from $16.99 to $50. In the interim a new $16.99 Bruckner set has arrived but when you try to buy it a response that 'the item is being modified and can't be bought' pops up - hmm how do you modify a virtual good other than put up the price.

Ah well - but take my advice, when you see a bargain grab it (the steve reich is still 16.99 down here though)

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