Friday, March 21, 2008

weblabel update

A quick note on a few things happening in some of the labels I keep a watch on. The quiescent-for-2007 Stasisfield has continued with the reawakening (resurrection is perhaps appropriate) and now has 5 releases this year ranging from soundscapes to improvisation and the gentle musical ambience of the latest Gregory Taylor's Two maps of Danaraja, a drifting MAX-MSP gamelan piece that intrudes lightly into the environment.

Then there is the trans>parent radiation subdivision of bremsstrahlung recordings which releases MP3s ahead of later actual releases (at which time the freebies are archived). Again, there has been a ramp up in recent times - a nice sonography from Asher and Ubeboat, and just recently Shinkei with Biostatics which takes recordings from bio-electricity and amplifies them as a skittering pleasure.

Treetrunk has been active with some new Mystified amongst other things, and of course TestTube is unstopable: a musical juggernaut.

And then a new one I found recetly Robotopera which only has seven releases to date but it seems like a very enjoyable and broad exploration that takes in lowercase, glitch and microsound, but also extends into some very musical techno/electronica. Not sure where it emerged from or how long it's been around, but these releases are worth looking for.

An update on We7 - I have scoured it pretty well and have got some good classical, lots of ELP, interesting Tangerine Dream and some other bits and pieces. As I thought, the ads are 'easy' to get around and the selection not bad. Some things are country limited (I can't get the Kinks or Nice) and there is development going on. Things diappear too - King Crimson's Power to believe was there I am sure (I have a copy) but can't find it agin (the related ep was not available to Australians)

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