Sunday, May 11, 2008

free music galore

a couple of pointers.

Someone who is as eclectic as I am runs the Free Albums Galore blog. This ranges from classical through jazz to electro and electronic. Mystified is there, as are a number of recognised names. But a couple of surprises - Nine Inch Nails - their two most recent albums are free to download, and the Ghosts instrumental double disk set is still available from Internet Archives (pointed to from FaG); there are some various artists compilations of early electronica which are from the Earlabs LaboratoireClassique label that are hard to get to from the front page (some can be found if you search on 'lc'); the Piano Society has a great collection; there are some lesser know classical composers I have found and lots lots lots more - they try and do one a day.

And We7 continues to supply surprises - I am now playing Clara Rockmore's classoc album of piano and theremin versions of classics. And the latest downloads seem to be free of the advert - I am not sure what's going on as the site hasn't mentioned that. Perhaps a temporary glitch

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