Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stasisfield update

Nearly a year ago I noted the return of Stasisfield as a more active label. Since then there has been an ongoing flow from them during 2008 which has been great to see. The music has traversed the general remit of the label - some electronica (much of it), ambience, a bit of worldy manipulated music (Gregory Taylor's delightful gamelan pieces), improvy (Rammel, Mueller and Schoenecker), experiments (Wincek) lots of lowercased minimalist pleasures based around field recordings and even some 'karaoke' (I don't think). The latest release is Kalte's Lantahnide Series. This is a nicely layered drone album which balances metallic gong-like tones with other subtle sounds, that weave in and out - bells and light scraping, buzzes and hints of field recordings - creating a hypnotic ambience. Just after playing this I happened to play something by Marc McNulty in my .Tiln genre (that was a ground breaking net music source), and there were some interesting similarities. Anyway, well worth pursuing, and as with all the free music on the web - you can make up your own mind.

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