Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mysterious Marina Hardy

The review that has gathered the most responses is my one of Marina Hardy's Pink Violin last January. There was talk that the album was 'constructed' but Marina was adamant in an email to me that she had played and created it all and was offended I had asked her about it.

Since then anonymous has posted about the material being 'stolen'. The most recent points to a  continuing discussion which seems designed to attack Ms Hardy, and which includes a link to a youtube video of a ukelele player who seems to be able to play the same piece as on the Hardy cd.

I am willing to accept that the album is a complex construction - perhaps most if not all plundered from here and there - but I stand by my review that it is a fascinating and exciting album. Its full origin is just a little uncertain! Marina has reappeared on Facebook, so perhaps more will be clarified in the future.


Unknown said...

Anonymous has posted again. SHOW YOUR FACE!

Anonymous said...

On one occasion Ms Hardy posted a stolen track to her myspace account she called "Vermellon!" which was actually "Pachinko" from a Chicago Jazz Band named 8 Bold Souls. Ms Hardy has never been seen in public playing her instruments with the kind of skill displayed on her album. All her performances have been inept and bizarre. Who needs a face when this is all on public record?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you concede the possibility of the album being plundered. Yes, I too could create an exciting "album" if I plundered my record collection....but around these parts we call such an "album" a "mix tape" and we don't seek financial gain from the creative efforts of the artists. Plunder can be an art form (check out John Oswald, plunderphonics), straight out theft is not. Stand by your review by all means - it is good music - but you lose credibility defending the tactics of a thief.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm another Anonymous person who would like to chime in. It's been well established within the Public Eyesore/Eh? ranks that she stole the album tracks and claimed them as her own. The album has been withdrawn from circulation. Notice that number 32 is missing from the Eh? catalog:

I have played with her on several occasions, and I can vouch for the fact that she is incapable of playing any instruments. The whole thing is at best a weird fraud posing as performance art, or at worse the antics of a mentally ill person who needs help. But bottom line as far as your review is concerned, the album is no longer available because the tracks are stolen from other sources and misrepresented as hers--not plundered or used as sample fodder, but taken in whole and claimed as her own.