Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year

OK - I hope to get back into business

2009 was hectic with things spoken about before and I have a definite backlog of things to bring to you. Probably in the next few weeks.

Musically 09 was interesting for me - I got into Miles Davis: yes, at my age and so long after his heyday. But he was always someone who was in the musical background, a known major figure. My sister had some of his albums (enough to stop me listening) and I saw the wonderful capito sets and wondered who would buy them But curiosity was always there.

Anyway, good old big pond had some of the 'complete' recordings at single album prices so I thought - give them a go (with Coltrane, the quintet, Jack Johnson and Bitches Brew). And I got hooked - have bought downloads, actual disks in sales and at amazon, even some bootleg live shows and sessions. Most of you probably realised this already, but the range of stuff has amazed me - from the birth of the cool through the cookin'etc to almost blue and then the sixties quartet into bitches brew, agatha and beyond.

And it has made me re-conceptualise the jazz I have reviewed over the years: finally given it some degree of context. And not being monomaniacal (though close to) I have also bought some John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk.

Seems I'm back with things to say!

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