Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sound Apps

A bit of a note on some apps I have been having fun with.

First, a free one through Apple for the app-store-birthday: Traktor DJ (separate iPhone and iPad apps, both free). Load 2 tracks from your iTunes library and make a mix - switch between them, scratch a bit, add FX to one or both, and then record the noise you have made. I have only had it a few days but by mixing Fever Ray with Robert Fripp or Dave Stafford have made some diverting noises. Power users could even record their outputs.  Have just put on Steve Roden's Lines and Spaces - two piano tracks designed to interact: there's definitely an ambient opportunity here

And then to really just play I have bought Loopy which allows you to record/import a large number of loops and layer them - I made some 'interesting' mixes of airport sounds.

Then, pretending I was a real electronic musician I bought Audiobus which allows you to have input from various apps (such as Bebot, Figure, Mixtkl, Garageband) put them through effects (I picked up a free one called AudioEffects to play with) and then output to Loopy, earphones or garageband or others. Again, I am mainly making noise to pass the time - but it is fun and underscores the power that real music makers now have at their fingertips (literally)

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