Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ampersand on-line

Hello. Some years ago I started reviewing music for Vivisect, a Melbourne electronic/dark ambient zine. The pleasure of getting free music made me offer myself to Jasper when he started Ambience (a proper magazine) and the music kept rolling in.

When Ambience turned into a newsletter and then unfortunately passed on, I had reviews left and decided to keep going by posting on news groups and building an address base.

Ampersand Etc has lived for some years as an email newsletter, riding the waves of changing computer systems, reviewer burnout, work commitments. The last couple of years it has been random notes sent out - and I am not sure if people are getting them (I do get a few responses).

The whole exciting history - ie the back issues of the e-zine - are available at

Until recently I had been avoiding Blogs like the plague - but then came across Steve Roden's ripper one (airform archives) and some he points to, Tom Phillips' view into an artists world and more, I decided that the fragmented history of &etc may fit here. I still get occasional stuff to review, find things that I like on the net, etc - so this was born.

Thanks to all who may have read me in the past, welcome to anyone who may read this. And let me know if you want music reviewed.


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