Tuesday, October 9, 2007

iTunes pricing and international bargains

An odd first post - but one thing I have been doing in notes is pointing people at labels and music sources that have caught my eye. Having recently got fast broadband and a big download limit I have been collecting. The itunes store had been something I didn't really look at as the difference in price between the electronic and real albums didn't interest me.

But poking around I found some bargains - prices in australian dollars - such as

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - History - 4cds for $17
Clash - On Broadway - 3 cds $17
Philip Glass - 2 Pages - $5
and the real corker
Steve Reich - 1965 to 1995 - 10 cds $17

I was going to let people know - but decided to have a look at some international stores -and found that the Reich is still US$99 for example. I'm not going to complain, as I like a bargain, but it's a funny old world!

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