Friday, June 13, 2008


In the tradition of Webbed Hand's Rain series (see blog here) comes the Constant drone exploration. Originally a release on Webbed Hands by Mystified (back reference) it was taken up by Zen Potato Drone company (internet archive here) where a number of people, including mystified put together releases along the same trajectory: in short 'one extended drone sound, though full of interesting artifacts and harmonics'. After 6 releases on that net-label Thomas Park has taken the ball back and released 8 more pieces on his own TreeTrunk label (see link in sidebar) by himself and others including K.M.Krebs. As well he has created Constant Mix - a compilation of the first 10, which gradually dissolve into each other; and C Reider offers Inconstant - which removes the drones and leaves a minimal wonder.

And as a Mystified/Park by the way, there are two 'disks' of early techno from Park's Auto-Cad project available. Quite different but you can see some influences and suggestions of his current directions.

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