Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dave Stafford announces first eternal album - updated + more


In an interesting development from Mr Stafford - the first of his eternal albums. These will be ever growing depositories of app driven music & of Bindlestiff's lost year (a review of 2 of their albums is coming up). 

This is one way of approaching the issue of how to get your music heard. Currently  45 tracks at 17p a go. I have discussed with Dave the option of other pricing mechanisms - as a user based in Australia I am worried that I might get an international purchase charge for each track. But it is an interesting concept that deserves exploring. 


Second album now up
Based on the music app Scape

And now the third based on nanostudio

And a fourth based on Mixtikl a generative instrument mentioned on the blog. 
I have downloaded a few tracks and so here goes
first - my concern re multiple charges is fine as Bandcamp allows you to put tracks in a basket and then pay for them at once - way to go.

  • Fairlight pro - I have listened to a few and downloaded 3. These have a bit of the feel of Dave experimenting with, exploring and enjoying the app. They are quirky little moody pieces. I have three longer ones and they hold together well
  • Scape - these are great pieces of music - Scape is a quality product. If you own it you may not want to download these (I haven't) as you have access to the original instrument. But for people who don't, these are fabulous Eno-ish (not surprisingly) minimal ambient. And I can see if I wanted to play some scape type pieces & didn't have my iPad handy they would be good.
  • Nanostudio - I picked 4 tracks - longer ones - and here Dave is closer to his general ambient side. A mix of slow burning tracks (slow, slower) but also some with beats in them. 
  • Mixtikl - absolutely brilliant slow drone ambience. I tasted a couple briefly and then immediately downloaded all available tracks. Demonstrates the power of the app & the skill of the musician. 
The pricing is partly track length related (one 5 second track is free or a bit, shorter pieces ar 17p longer ones 30p - or more) and generally good value. The pick and choose is great - I am more attracted to the nanostudio than the fairlight, but enjoy them all.

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