Thursday, June 13, 2013

TIMR 15: a box of singles

This box is a perfect size for what in many ways is/was a perfect medium - the 7" single.

And inside I have:

  • steve roden: one stone
  • Taming Power releases 1 (selected works 1996-97) and 13 (Fragments of the name of god)
  • Early morning records (Askild Haugland's) 2 compilations of experimental music
  • Muslimgauze - Hammer and Sickle, a very early release; Minaret Speaker, a lovely heavy vinyl picture disk; and Red Crescent a single sided release with etching on the non-music side
  • Buckets and Batteries self-titled release in a hand made envelope sleeve
  • Neck Doppler - Sit down backed with Straight Outta Mongolia - complications
  • Sheffield - The bridge (clear vinyl) and Barbed - Pocket reminder, both from Elevator bath
  • j.frede - isolate in a sewn cloth sleeve, an early submission for review
  • Higgins/Felipe - Proerties/ribbons and He-Pea - Falafel avantgarde, both from Public Eyesore
  • 10 releases from Drone Records before they started sending me CDs of their releases (which I don't blame them for at all, asting their precious actual vinyl releases on me). These come on a nice heavy vinyl, some coloured - I have blue with green highlights,orange with black,picture disk, puke green, clear red, clear, clear with yellow highlights, and of course black.
Also in here, because it came in a faux 7" cover is an ambient collection - The walls are whispering - that steve roden sent me.

So why when 99% of my vinyl and my record player is in the roof do I have these here? Because like all the things in my room they mean something to me. It could be who/how I got them, the fact they remind me of the generosity of labels and artists to reviewers, of the time when my reviews seem to have engulfed part of my life but also were appreciated by artists and readers, and because they are more than just 7" pieces of vinyl: they have colours and packaging which make them collectible to me. Below, unidentified, are some of them (either covers or disks) - on the right are 8 of the Drone releases, the left has a goodly selection of the other disks in order if you want to try & identify them).

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