Sunday, January 27, 2008


I always rather liked Big Audio Dynamite, especially the first album: later ones had good tracks on and were enjoyable overall, but I don't think Mick Jones quite regained that height.

However, the final BAD album didn't deserve the fate of being (apparently) refused to be released by the record label. And the band didn't think so either and so set up a web site to release it - and was one of the first 'virtual' albums in 1999. Old news, but I only just found it so people may be interested in getting it. It maintains the mood and methods of the earlier albums without being groundbreaking. And it is still available as a download here

Continuing the relationship with consumers, Jones' new project (carbon/silicon, with an exmember of sigue sigue sputnik!) has been making available early tapes and albums (unfortunately some of the earlier ones aren't available on the main site, but there is a fan site that resurrects them every now and then). Worth keeping an eye on

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