Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Classical update

And now for something completely different - well not so different, as classical music has been mentioned here in relation to e-music pricing. Recent purchases include Beethoven and Shostakovitch symphonies and string quartets; Mozart, Schoenberg and Bartok string quartets, Wagner's ring cycle: all at nice prices from various sources. But anyway.

Just in passing I want to congratulate Naxos on commissioning ten new string quartets from Peter Maxwell Davies - it demonstrates a commitment to new music which is very refreshing. I have heard a couple (8 are out to date) and they are interesting. For those wanting to purchase good priced, DRM free classical from Naxos (who run it) and smaller labels a good site is Classicsonline.

But as you know I like free music and there has been a buzz about The naked violin - a fascinating new classical album from UK violinist Tasmin Little. It is a free download and comprises three very different solo violin pieces, with an introductory talk if you are interested. I am impressed that 'easy' works weren't selected - there is a nice Bach partita, but the other two tracks are modern. It was recorded on January 5 this year - fairly rapid turnaround (but only 35 minutes long). Follow the link from her home page or go straight to the download page

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