Monday, January 7, 2008

When two become one - Iod

Among the net-labels in my 'watch' bookmark folder were two providing a very pleasant mix of ambient and gentle techno: StandardKlick and Eko: run out of the SRM label. These two have been closed (though all releases are still available on the new site) and replaced by a new one - Iod.

The first release is a minimal ambient/techno ep by
d'incise Eloge de l'usage et de la lenteur which fits with the general feel of the labels: softly erupting tones, some electro-futzes and an overall feeling of relaxed restraint.

I assume the label will continue with a similar roster, which has seen albums by Alexandre Navarro, Daniel Maze, Kenneth Kirschner, Letna, Marcos Romero among others whose names are perhaps even less familiar. ANyway, the new label and its precursors are worth looking into: and it is always nice to be around for the birth of a new one.

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