Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scape versus Mixtikl

Two of the main ambient music generators, discussed here and also pointed to in relation to Dave Stafford's Eternal Albums.

Following his experience with them Dave has initialled rated them equally

But just two days later realised Mixtikl won

A view I would agree with - based on my review-notes on my post & an email to Dave concerning his Mixtikl eternal album

It is one of the best drone albums I've heard for a while - dronier than most of  the forest. It is subtle and supple. 

I am trying to think of the word for scape. Toy is wrong, but something like that. It is almost impossible to create a bad scape - but that is due to the constraints: only 2 general drones at once, maximum element count. And then really nothing. 

Mixtikl is, despite it generative basis, an instrument. I can create mainly crap pieces cause I don't have the time, experience or ear to learn it. The examples they give you show the genre range. The pieces on the eter/bum work because even on your first excursions you understood the parameters of selection and then manipulation. 

Anyway. Congrats on some brilliant pieces there. 

Looking forward to downloading and lisatening to the 4 new mixtikl tracks - a album which is both good value (all tracks are long) and, more importantly, beautiful ambience

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