Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TIMR 22: fossils and drones

In 1996 we went on holiday to San Francisco. My father-in-law  was a visiting professor at Berkeley & so Carol's parents rented a house & we visited for 3 weeks. It was a fabulous holiday. 

We loved SF, it felt like somewhere we could live (though when we took a bottle of wine out the first night & were told they don't serve liquor it was a bit of a jolt to our BYO selves). The house was in El Cerito, a few Bart stops up from Berkeley. A strange suburb for a holiday, but the mall was just down the road and I loved wandering the supermarket. And the wonderful Bart was only a couple of minutes walk away. 

I loved amoeba in Berkeley & got some good second hand bargains (some Muslimgauze, Bill Nelson) and the Storm of Drones was also a SF find. It was a period when I was into FAX & went to meet Charles Uzzell Edwards over in Mill Valley (these days I'd love to see Steve Roden or Michael Bentley).

We all had a weekend together in Yosemite, with a stop in Sonora. Beautiful. 
The next weekend Carol & I flew to Phoenix, hired a car, and drove to the Grand Canyon. An amazing drive and the end was worth it - truly somewhere photos can't do justice to. We often laugh about the crows playing in the updraft. 

These 2 fossils were from a shop at the canyon, run by the woman we had booked our accommodation via email in those early Internet days. They are probably from Morocco or somewhere like that & the trilobite is glued together. But it's the memories. 

To further date me, I have a diary of the trip which I typed on my Newton with external keyboard. I still have the Newton too - but doubt I could extract the files. 

My only trip to America but a very happy one for many reasons. And encased in these rocks are three weeks of memory. 

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