Friday, August 2, 2013

Write for iPad/iPhone

As you know I have an iPad, iPhone and iPhod and I use all three for things like email, note writing, reviews etc. There are a few frustrations like mailbox not saving drafts, having things at different stages on different things. So I have started to do a lot of my drafting on Write. 

At base it is a simple note taking app - as you can see. For some reason I like the night mode, and there are a few fonts to choose from. Above the keyboard is a line of shortcuts - it would be nice if they were editable (I'd like an ', or brackets, as I use them a lot - but that's fine). In the centre is a mouse button which makes navigating around the screen easier, and can switch between cursor & selection mode. 

The right panel is the sharing screen - it is editable so you can hide what is an extensive list - but I usually use copy to move the text to blogger or email etc. 

The main beauty of this excellent editor though is its integration with Dropbox - files are updated and I can then edit them on any if my devices, or even computers. So I can draft this on the phone while out feeding the horses, then polish it up on my iPad before uploading it to blogger. 

The list of files gives a taste of what I'm up to

The interface and design is flat and gorgeous - will port to ios7 easily. There are aspects I don't use, like using it for HTML markup & rich text would be nice (if the bold button bolded the text rather than adding the HTML code - but again, not a worry). 

Anyway, Ash has finished eating so I'll finish this later. 

When looking up the web link I saw another pair of features which I have scratched the surface of - device linking. You can pair them and use one as the keypad & the other as the 'screen', and also share clip boards - use one device to web surf, copy something & then paste into the doc on the main device. A nice little trick. 

Anyway, this is the link to the page about the app

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