Thursday, April 4, 2013

TIMR 1: Before and after science prints

In the days when albums were albums and made of 12" vinyl the album cover was a marvel. It could contain lyrics, images, stories, books and more. A few will come up in this series.

Brian Eno's Before and after science was itself a fantastic album - a series of odd songs that covered the territory described by Eric Tamm from hymns, through quirky pop to almost rock. You'd buy it anyway. But included in the sleeve were 4 art prints. Images by Peter Schmidt were included, and listed on the back cover as part of the album (Fourteen Pictures).

They are simple but beautiful pictures, and since buying the album they have graced the walls of rooms in various houses we have lived in. They are now in my office here - peaceful ambient images, which like the music get renewed each time you look at them

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Terry Bennett said...

Nice to see you back, Jeremy. This album was indeed a worthy purchase for the music and the art prints. I'm interested to see what others you come up with. Cheers,Terry