Saturday, April 27, 2013

TIMR 8: talking heads

This is the one that almost got away.

When we lived in Canberra a godsend was Impact Records - back in those glorious days of independent record stores that imported albums. Their selection was great and every year there was the Impact sale where you could pick up things to try and delight in - especially 12" single - there are many in the loft from there. I would buy anything from Factory (single or album), things I had sort of heard of, ones which looked interesting, and then the must haves like Bill Nelson's Das Kabinet and La Belle et La Bete. And of course buying stuff in the not sale - my first Severed Heads for eaxmple (The Big Bigot, aus version with free 12").

One day there was the latest Talking Heads. Speaking in Tongues. But it was a premium price. Why? Because of the Robet Rauschenberg cover.

The album comes in a clear plastic container - not a sleeve. The disk itself is clear vinyl (I bought a YMO cause it was on red, my favourite Jona Lewie is on blue). But the killer is three plastic disks printed in red, blue and yellow which sit in the sleeve - transparent red and yellow above the album, blue below. The blue has album details which can be rread from the back. But the main impression is from the front where the colours overlap, blur with the album, have elements which align but others which don't - which altogether give a unique impression and a Rauschenberg artwork to own.

Couldn't afford it. And when I could it had gone. So along with PiL's Metal Box it was a missed opportunity. Yes I still had the music (with this a cassette which had some extended plays, and the double album Second Edition from PiL). But...

Until, through our connection via Muslimgauze, I saw that Terry Bennett had a copy for exchange. Which I jumped at and am now the happy owner of.

When looking at Ebay etc I am surprised about how relatively cheaply you seem to be able to find these. I can't fathom why.

The plastic sleeve is starting to yellow with age, I've never played the disk, but it is a wonder.

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Terry Bennett said...

Who was that masked man? I'd totally forgot about this.