Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TIMR 2: my speakers

OK - I love music but am not an audiophile. The first stereo I had was the family one, which a guy at school rigged up a doohickey I could use that allowed me to use earphones instead of the speakers - long late night listening. For my 21st I got my first (and only) component system: a Pioneer. This lasted for years - decades - with addition of different speakers, a new turntable, cd player, tuner and cassette player: but the amp remained, getting a bit crackly at the knobs. Listening through the computer became more common, playing cds and then MP3s. So I needed good speakers.

My first harman/kardon sound sticks lasted me less than a week: I bought them cause they looked great as well as their sound reviews, but this was the first USB model and my laptop couldn't support them. So they went back. Eventually I got the new set, with the earphone jack, and they have seen me through. I love the look of them - the combination of lookatme while also being transparent, the blue woofer glow at night.

So it was a blow when I got home one day and found the dog had chewed through one of the speaker cables. Luckily I found another electrician who could help & he rejoined the two ends and we have sound again.

They aren't my only listening source. I did get a new Pioneer microsystem that takes ipods, iphones and also plays cds (it has digital radio, but we don't). I had a small JBL speaker dock that I take on holidays, which will be supplanted by the soundfreq kick I got for my birthday. Small but with great sound; bluetooth so I can play with Scape and listen on good speakers; and it can charge, and has audioin for my old ipods (2 ipods, an old iphone which is now effectively a touch, ipad and iphone). For listening in the family room I have a Griffin dock - a quite big thing which has excellent sound.
And earphones for when I'm walking. 

Nothing earth or ear shattering, but on the whole good sound solid reproduction as far as I can tell. and I'm happy

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